3 HOT!!!! New Products Launching on September 1st!

Nikka & Anya

Anya Harvey, Dancer, Minden  and Gardnerville, Nevada

Anya - Competitive Dancer

Anya has been dancing since she was 2 years old. 

Now, at 14, she has grown up with an entrepreneurial heart. 

In her competitions, she has found that whether it be drug store makeup or high end items, she hasn't found the perfect fit for performance perfection.

So, she decided to start her own line of products. And so, the dream began!

anya@dancecosmetics.com. Follow on Instagram


Nikka - Dance Mom

As any mom would do, I jumped right into Anya's venture 

as we made this a mother / daughter project.

As Anya focuses her strengths on the younger audience, 

Nikka will focus on the Dance Mom genre. 

After all, where there's a Dance Daughter, there's a Dance Mom!

nikka@dancecosmetics.com. Follow on Instagram